ChainPlus Club

Embracing Blockchain Enthusiasts and Digital Asset Players

About Us.

Located in Colorado, ChainPlus Club was founded by Robert Warren and is dedicated to driving the development of the blockchain.
We help blockchain enthusiasts from around the world to become a master. And any blockchain enthusiasts can join as a member and operate independently to help more blockchain ent husiasts.
We provide blockchain core technology services to the global enterprises, and help them develop blockchain from the release of digital assets to the diversified applications of the industry.
We call on, promote and lead the global blockchain enthusiasts, so as to build a new era of blockchains for all mankind.
  • Certification

    Approved by the Colorado State Government
  • Technical Support

    Autonomous blockchain bottom technology research and development team (Aite Life Technology)
  • Strength background

    Have a shadow investment in the Rothschild family and the Rockefeller family
  • Number of members

    Backed by the two major economies of the United States and Greater China
  • Service Items.

    • Information Services We provide the latest information, news reports, technical analysis, market quotations, etc. services to blockchain enthusiasts and enterprises all over the world, which let the green hand quickly grow into a master.

    • Member Services Blockchain enthusiasts around the world can have discussions and studies about blockchain knowledge and technology in our community, then help each other grow.

    • Digital Asset ServicesWe help blockchain enterprises develop and issue digital assets and log on to the International Digital Asset Securities Exchange for trading.

    • Blockchain applicationWe help governments, enterprises and social organizations to develop blockchain-based application scenarios and provide blockchain solutions to them.

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